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This is called «multicordes». It’s a curtain of small ropes, a disiplin that I created while my scolarity in ESAC (High Circus School) of Brussels. I’ve been performing with my act on this apparatus since 15 years, in different places like varieties (Wintergarten, Friedrichsbau, GOP, Krystallpalast...), Cirque Baroque, Circus Monti, Cirque Bouffon, festivals...  I won several prices with this act, like the gold medal in the Newcomer’s show in 2010. I’ve been playing around the shape of the apparatus also, performing in a line, or in a circle.

Charlotte and EMMa

Vertical rope duo

This act was created with Saphorine Petermann in 2009. After she decided to stop circus, I kept on doing the act with Emma Laule, who graduated the Academy of Performance Art in Tilburg, Holland. The particularity of this act , on top of beeing already original to be two on one rope, is the comedy parts. We really wanted to add some jokes and lightness in the technical tricks.

compagnie du trépied

Co founded with two musicians, TROIS is the company's first creation. The show is made to play inside or outside. It performed among other places in La Chalibaude, les Accroche-coeurs and Région en Scène Festivals. Our show mixes harmoniously impressive circus skills and original world music.

compagnie zalataï

Co founded  by three musicians and two circus artists in 2021, the Compagnie Zalataï premiered its first show PALIANYTSIA in 2022. The performance tells the love story between two circus artists (Alexander Koblikov, juggler and Charlotte de la Bretèque) with, in the background, a war or a totalitary system...



Carte Blanche - Compagnie Zalataï

Ouverture de saison de la MPT

Angers - 49


Compagnie Zalataï

Extrait du spectacle Palianytsia

Festival Cyrkulaje

Lublin - Pologne 


 Cie du Trépied

Le Cellier - 44


Cabaret Les Elles

Cirque Jules Verne



Numéro multicordes + duo Cie Zalataï

Oldenburg - Allemagne


Cie Zalataï - Palianytsia

Festival Région en Scène

Espace Senghor

Le May sur Evre - 49


Numéro multicordes

A Circus Symphony 

Luzerne - Suisse



La Collégiale fait son Cirque 

Angers - 49


Cie du Trépied

Théâtre Ligéria

Sainte Luce sur Loire - 44



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